Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Parahawking - Again!

Tadashi and I went parahawking again -- this time for sunset. Although we weren't leaving until 4 pm, we weren't too keen on leaving the Maya Devi "compound", as it was Holi. Holi is a Hindu holiday during which kids and young adults throw colored powder and water (plain and colored) at each other. There are kind adults who will gently give you a tika. Tadashi and I were both blessed with a tika by the Maya Devi restaurant manager, Nani.

Raju and Tadashi
Luckily, all of us and our jeep made the trip up Sarangkot unscathed. While our second trip was a bit rougher because of the wind picking up, it was still beautiful.

This time I got a lot of photo tips from Tadashi before we took off, so my pictures are better, especially those of the birds. We went up with Bob and Kevin again. The sequence below shows Kevin coming in for a snack.

One time both Bob and Kevin tried to come in for the same snack. I was happy to have caught that on film (as it were).

Kevin won that round.
Things happen so fast up there that sometimes (okay, nearly all of the time), I forgot to check my setting. At one point, I accidentally had the camera zoomed in to photograph the snack-taking. I was lucky enough to get a really good close-up of Bob. You can even see his ear hair!

The light was great for landscape shots of Tadashi and Brad. I probably could have weeded these down a bit, but I just like them all too much. So you get to looks at a lot of them (but hey, at least I didn't put up all the 360 shots I took).

Because of the wind, we had to land on the end of the lake, in the middle of a rice field with grazing cows and horses. Tadashi and Brad are in the bottom left corner, strafing the cows.

Kevin the rockstar


  1. OK, that's one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I'm obviously not checking this blog often enough. Wow.

  2. Thanks, Jeffrey! Tell everyone at the UF hello for me.

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